Harris + Harris LLP's Family Law Group will assist you with all aspects of family law. We bring with us, and offer to you, some of Canada's top family lawyers, including some who are certified as specialists in Family Law by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

We are dynamic, compassionate, committed and prompt. We will negotiate, mediate, or litigate for you, depending on your specific needs. We have extensive experience in all methods of dispute resolution. Our solid trial background will allow us to pursue your case in an informed, strategically sound and cost-conscious manner.

Harris + Harris LLP’s Family Law Group applies a multi-disciplinary approach to its dispute resolution process, and we frequently work in tandem with other practice groups in the firm, depending on the specific needs of your case. For example, with the assistance of the Business and Estates Groups, we are able to address, on site, the tax and business aspects of your case. We also work with an extensive network of external professionals, for example, business valuators and accountants, to ensure that all issues in your matter are promptly identified, addressed and resolved.

The broad areas of our expertise include:

  • Divorce, child and spousal support, and equalization (property division) proceedings
  • Child custody and access disputes
  • Variation proceedings involving any of the above areas
  • Marriage contracts, and cohabitation and separation agreements
  • Child Protection matters
  • Support enforcement proceedings

We recognize that family law issues and Court proceedings often exacerbate already difficult situations, which can be emotionally charged and very stressful financially. Recognizing these “pre-conditions” we make every effort to resolve our family law cases as quickly as possible. This approach is intended to minimize the stress of our clients – and to get them on their way again.