Maria Da Silva is our in-house Senior Real Estate Law Clerk who assists clients with issues related to residential and commercial real estate. Maria also serves as the title examiner for the firm and prepares all electronic documents, closes and registers the deals.

Maria has over 20 years experience, and the expertise it takes to run the residential and commercial real estate clerk position at Harris + Harris. She meets with clients to sign up their transactions and she will act swiftly and efficiently to address clients’ immediate concerns. Maria assists individuals who require legal assistance when buying or selling very large properties, homes, condominiums or cottages. She helps make any transition as smooth as possible.

Maria has also obtained her corporate, wills and estates law clerk certificate from the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario, and thus her broad knowledge makes her a strong team player. In addition, she is fluent in the Portuguese language.

Olá! Posso ajudá-lo em lingua Portuguesa. Telefone-me hoje mesmo! Compra e venda de propriedades e negoçios é connosco que voçe deve consultar.