The lawyers at Harris + Harris LLP each bring with them a passion for the law, the desire to obtain the best results for our clients, and the dedication and skills to ensure that this happens. Our seamless integration of practice areas guarantees that the right lawyer or combination of lawyers will tackle each file as the nature and the complexity of the work dictate. As most of the lawyers in our firm, at one time or another, have worked at large Toronto law firms, Harris + Harris LLP can offer the sophistication of a downtown practice with the convenience and personable atmosphere that can only be achieved in a firm such as ours.

In addition to providing you with a professional biography for each of our lawyers, we have also included a personal biography which will give you a flavour of the interests and activities of the lawyers beyond the practice of law. At Harris + Harris, we understand that the relationship between the lawyer and the client should be based on mutual trust and respect. It doesn’t hurt if you happen to find that you share some of the same interests and passions.

Please take the time to acquaint yourself with your legal team.